PARTER Capital Group - Equity Investment Consultancy

PARTER Capital Group evolved out of a management consulting firm into an equity investment consultancy and has been advising large corporations and banks on restructuring issues for many years.

The focus of PARTER Capital Group's activities is on acquiring companies or parts of companies in the traditional industries with a turnover volume of 20 to 300 million EUR. PARTER Capital Group specialises in special situations (turn-around situations).

In the long term, PARTER Capital Group aims to give the acquired companies a new strategic direction and lead them to sustained growth. In this respect, a step-by-step transition into entrepreneurial independence has proved to be the ideal long-term concept.

Most of the shareholders and investors of PARTER Capital Group are themselves entrepreneurs who are accustomed to making independent and swift decisions.

PARTER Capital Group sees itself as an "Executive Private Equity Group". The partners of PARTER Capital Group invest in the capital of a portfolio company on a case-to-case basis. However, the actual operative management of the company always stays with its own managing directors.